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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Neon {cardigan love}

Wow!  Look at my gorgeous Neon cardigan!  My first cardigan!

When this pattern was released I instantly fell in love with Joji's cardigan and the wonderful bold Plucky colours.  I remember badgering my husband at 6am for his opinion on the chosen colour so I could order my yarn.  "Now, now, answer now!  Quickly, quickly, I'll get cartjacked!"  If you've bought from Plucky you know that the updates are a frantic now or never!  

The colour is called Icey Audrey and the yarn is Plucky Sweater, a DK/8 ply weight.  It has 10% nylon so it's not the softest yarn and I have to admit I was a bit disappointed when it arrived.  The colour though is fantastic and I'm sure in the long run the nylon component will make it wear better.  Don't get me wrong - it's not scratchy and is fine to be worn against your skin, it's just that I've been spoilt with lovely soft super wash wool.  I love the other Plucky bases - the Primo ones include cashmere and are heaven.

The cardigan is knit top down, in the round in Tulle stitch - it looks a lot like crochet to me.  When I knit my swatch I was a bit worried it had a nanna-crochet look to it and not a cool-crochet look, but the Plucky Ravelry group assured me it was cool :)

The sleeves are called the contiguous method and they are so very clever!  Since this is only the second sweater I've knit I had absolutely no idea about the construction; however I followed Joji's instructions and hey presto - amazing sleeves!!  The sleeves are knit in the round compared to the body which is knit flat - so the method for the stitch changes.  Like many knitters on Rav I went up 2 needle sizes to maintain gauge.

The buttons are from Purl Soho - I took my swatch to New York with me :)

Given the tulle stitch is very lacy the cardigan is as warm as toast!  I heart you Neon…

Ravelled here.  The Wiksten Tank in Nani Iro I'm also wearing in the pics is blogged here.


  1. Love it!! Gorgeous colour and I love that stitch pattern.
    Well done Michelle!

  2. Wow -- that's a gorgeous cardigan Michelle. And it looks like it fits you perfectly!